Residencies Reflected symposium in Helsinki in November

Residencies Reflected, a symposium focusing on residencies and their critical role in the field of contemporary art today, invites residency professionals to Helsinki, November 16–18, 2016!

The symposium sets out to reflect on residencies as spaces for artistic development on cultural thresholds that have been opened up by accelerated globalization. It addresses the enduring significance and radical re-signification of mobility in relation to artistic practices by mapping historical trajectories, current economic and political pressures, as well as the impact of ecological and humanitarian urgencies, which position residencies today at the intersection of unsettled dichotomies of private and public, home and elsewhere, temporary and permanent. The symposium thus aims at articulating the position of residencies within the ecosystem of contemporary art while recognizing the ongoing processes of wider societal changes and their effects on the arts, professional practices and movement.

The symposium is co-organized by the Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki/ Taideyliopiston Kuvataideakatemia, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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