Support initiatives for artists affected by Russia/Ukraine war

Due to the Russia’s military action in Ukraine, many organizations in the residency field have created new initiatives to aid artists or art professionals who are affected by the war. We will collect here information on these initiatives from the perspective of the Finnish residency field. The information will be updated while more initiatives emerging. 

Organizations offering emergency residencies in Finland:

  • Ukraine Solidarity Residencies is a collaborational programme run by independent art organisations who joined together to pool resources and share information.
    The current partners of the programme are AARK, Connecting Points programme, Fairres, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Goethe-Institut Finnland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Loviisa Art Support Association, Nelimarkka Museum, Pro Artibus, The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, The Finnish Illustration Association Kuvittajat, Tohmajärvi Residency and Saari Residence maintained by Kone Foundation. Read more »
  • Perpetuum Mobile / Artists at Risk programme focuses on helping artists at risk to safety and placing them in welcoming artist communities
    It connects artists seeking relocation to the institutions who are willing and able to provide emergency hosting and relocation.
    Both Ukrainian artists and cultural workers, as well as art practitioners from Belarus or Russia who are subject to persecution or political threats, are eligible to apply.
    On their website, Artists at Risk, has gathered information for being hosted, being a host and emergency resources.
    For further information »Artist at Risk has co-hosted safe haven residencies in cooperation with for instance following art organisations in Finland:

    Dance Info Finland, read more (in Finnish) »
    Theatre Info Finland (TINFO), read more (in Finnish) »
    AR-Porvoo Art Factory, read more »
    AR-Saastamoinen Foundation Residency, read more »  »

Other aid &  resources on national or international level:

  • Building Artists’ Futures – Strengthening Solidarity -Symposium on 22.9.2022
    Showing solidarity for colleagues at the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the Symposium co-hosted by the Artists’ Association of Finland, IAA Europe and a-n The Artists Information Company (UK) invited visual artists, curators and cultural organisations to share ways to support artists seeking refuge. Read more »
  • Frame Contemporary Art Finland
    Frame Contemporary Art Finland offers actors in different fields of art the opportunity to share information on emergency residency opportunities and other concrete actions, acting as a contact point for this information.
  • Nordic Culture Point
    Additional funding for residency centres for inviting Ukrainian artists and cultural creators; the deadline for applications is 31 October 2022. » 
  • Res Artis is sharing information on resources and opportunities of support Ukraine Crisis Support