Open Call for Taattinen 2023 Artist Residency

Open Call for Taattinen Artist Residency 2023 THE CLAY LAB in the Finnish Archipelago

Date: 23.5 -20.6.23
Place: Taattisten Tila
Final date for applications: 31.1.23

For this year’s residency THE CLAY LAB, we invite participants to explore properties of Finnish wild clay. We want to dig deep to discover different layers of the local Finnish soil and discover the material through different viewpoints. We invite applications from different disciplines from artist to scientists.

We are calling for artists, designers, ceramicists, and scientists to explore the local red clay in their work through selecting some of the following themes.

1.    Material testing with local clay from clay pit to red ceramics.

2.    Clay politics: Clay and materialism/geology/manufacturing/ethics.

3.    Experiments with local earthenware red clay for ceramic manufacturing purposes.


More info about residency:
Contact: Kirsi Enkovaara /

Free housing, working space and access to clay workshop.